The sanitary landfill Drisla is located by the basin of the river Markova, on the opposite downhill side of the village Batinci, 14 km southeast of the Skopje’s center.

The selected location is characterized by thick layers of waterproof clay, which provides bearable protection of the underground water and continuous monitoring of the quality through a system of piezometers.




The location was chosen based on criteria that provide:

  • a complete sanitary – epidemiologic reliability,
  • implementation of the necessary protection of the land, the air and the water,
  • rational usage of the land,
  • minimizing the costs for waste disposal and mineralization, and
  • creating conditions for the use of inappropriate machinery for carrying out the sanitary disposal procedure.

In Macedonia, there is no other modern facility for  solid waste disposal, nor  are there any other facilities for its treatment that work according to the current procedures for thermal-biological processing.