As the one and only place on the territory of Republic of Macedonia, landfill Drisla from Skopje has been granted a permit from the Ministry of environment and physical planning for treatment and for processing of waste (asbestos waste) on the planned location for it, for the very first time.
Near the entrance of the landfill for communal waste, a parcel with excavated trenches of 25 meters length, 5 meters width and 3 meters depth has been built. These trenches are completely coated with geogrid to stabilize the ground, and then coated with protective geomembrane (2.5 mm), and geotextile (4000 g/m2). In Republic of Macedonia these trenches are used for the first time. The waste which contains asbestos components are removed or deposited in these trenches.
The landfill capacity is 1000 m3 deposited asbestos, and a temporary delay of 100000 m2 roof surface-asbestos tiles is being planned on the parcel.
With the construction on the landfill for asbestos cement waste, and these asbestos waste deposited in the adequate trenches built specifically for this purpose and covered with soil material, the waste is completely isolated from nature media and presents no hazard to the environment, and that is one way more we protect the environment.